Mar 5, 2012

morning dew

hey all..
its 6 in the morning, I woken up and dont know what to do, so here I am typing for you..

hmm.. so I want to post my assignment at digital publishing class..
it was last term assignment, we were tasked to make a logo for a city..

Pontianak is a city located in Borneo Island, where you could find thousand of exotic yummy Chinese food all around the corner.
Borneo Island also well-known with orang utan, and palm oil tree..
you guys should go there!!

And last month, my alumni community held a gathering themed valentine..
Really cute actually..hihihi
ended with karaoke session we all having quality time of nostalgia..
visit our website, will you? KEKL
Guess what, I watch Java Jazz last Sunday!!!
It was so damn awesome to watch musician like Dave Koz trough your blind eyes, Trio Lestari, and others,
They are truly amaze me, and they just the truth musician I think...
What a great experience and promise to go there again next year..

I've been listening to this old song lately, reminds me a lot with high school time..

"being old is a must, but being mature is a choice"

-from my cozy lil corner-got a bruised :(-

Feb 28, 2012

a long day without you

hi guyss...
yup officially months without posting anything..
so this is me saying sorry for not make any news and upload any portfolio..hihhi..

I have finished my first time for your information, and get lil bit satisfying score for some subject..
and now I'm doing my second term.
Next term I should choose what major I wanted to be, and I still confuse whether choose animation or graphic design..

This is my shape and form analyze final project..
made from balloon and hey I impressed my lecture :)

and I found this nice indie electric genre song :)
thanks to my step dad..

-from my cozy lil corner-tired for second chance-

Feb 3, 2012

ouch,, it's holiday everyonee..

sorry not posting for a long time..
yeah, the war of assignment have been done perfectly..
no longer exams, and no longer assignments..
its officially holiday for me.. yipieeee \m/

questioning what i've been doing all this time..
check it out!!

from the picture above you can see that I was joining a social service with my alumni community..
we were visiting fishing village near Jakarta's port, Tanjung Priok..
People's livelihood there was catching and processing green scallops..
It was a lil bit dirty and stingy, when we went there it was raining and tarnish..
They lived beneath the scallops shells, trash, and another household waste..
This is an irony for my country, where food should processed in a clean place, where children in their age supposed to school and play.
They go to social school there at dawn and work at sunrise to fulfill their family needs..
Sleep and live in unhealthy environment is effecting mentally and physically growth..

What I want to share is we should care each other, we should praise for all that we have now, weather things that make us happy or sad, make us wealthy or poor.. :)

-from my cozy lil corner-happy holiday :)-

Jan 11, 2012


hay everyone..
being a lil batman in several weeks makes me desperate for a real sleep..
I just arrived at my lil room after doing the pop up project..
That was a big pop up project, pray for me and my friends to finish it :)

Today I have a presentation in Multimedia Introduction subject. So we make a short adv,.
check this out..

we make it using windows movie maker, and it really easy to do :D

I have some quotes today, my fake father give this to me :

"I'm strong on the surface.
Not all the way through
I've never been perfect
But neither have you"

It is pointing to a people who can't give thanks and keep asking what he wants to his couple.
I think a relationship doesnt base on what we like, or anything make us happy..
but actually a relationship do need a fight, do need a grumble and gossip..
if It don't have any, it just being so flat..
The way you love your couple from the bad side, that's the way to love purely..

and for the MV I want to share Coldplay's newest hits.. Paradise
what a cool song :)

-from my cozy lil corner-pray for our pop up project!!keep fighting-

Jan 10, 2012

too much things to do and to be said..

what a day actually..
just arrived at this lil room with unwell body..
Today me and my friends are having a great time together.
doing assignments and having class from 8am to 10.30pm without touching home..

I want to post my first logo anyway..
So this is a logo for a groceries..
check this out!!..

the name is Sayoer..
In Indonesian Sayoer means Vegetables :D..
When I was making this logo, I remembered that I ever make a promise to myself becoming a vegetarian, but untill this second this promise never been completed..
hope in this new year I could be a vegetarian and safe animals :D

and this is cool song number 2.. :)

-from my cozy lil corner-be a vegetarian:D-

Jan 9, 2012

what a morning :D

heii there :D..
I fell so damn happy this morning because I can sleep with nice dream and not woken up in the middle of night. lol..
hope this could happen not only this night..

and this is my texture project on Traditional Painting subject..
If you look, there are mirrors in the center of the canvas..
the mirror reflect ourselves, and the crackle made by recycled paper means our mistakes and faults...
so, overall this project means inside me there are so much mistakes, broken heart, unfinished problem, and others but if you look into yourself you can find the best answer and way out of your problem :)

Then for the MV, I choose so sick.. this was and is, will be the coolest song ever in my life :D

-from my cozy lil corner-good morning :D-

hi there !!

hi theree...
long time no see :(
yupp.. a lot of assignment and war of homework haven't done yet..
I'm still busy with my big pop up project and this project was take so much of my "me time"..
so sad.. no longer have my nap time..

soo...last week when I came back to my home town with a luggage full of hopes and prides..
this is what I had done..

Craving for the best score for this project and prove that my colorblindness is not an obstacle :D

and this is the idea and concept..sorry for write it in Indonesian :p
after typing all around with lil bit chit-chatbullshit ability the essence of this concept is..
As we know water has become our essential needs. But in other hand water also become destroyer of life.
no water, no life. there is water, there is life, there is mortality..
each color describe every character of water..
Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red. :D

and my friend give me this cool MV.. and I'm so damn in love with jessie j, almost everytime playing her song..


-from my cozy lil corner-ganbateee!!!-